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Janhit Jagran
Entries will be assessed based on how the applying individual/organization is able to implement idea/program that demonstrates innovation, implementation and sustainability. The Individual/Organization can present one program per entry form. There is no limit to the number of programs submitted per Individual/Organization. Program can be entered to one or more categories. Please answer all sections of the entry form to preclude disqualification. The entry form is divided into two parts: (1) Individual/Organization Profile; (2) Idea/Program. The Awards categories are Educated Society, Water Conservation, Population Management, Poverty eradication, Women Empowerment, Environmental conservation, Healthy society. The filled out entry form will be provided only to the Awards Administrators, Expert Committee. However, non-financial information in this entry form will form part of the Jagran’s Research Database and may be cited in articles and other publications. Checklist Please ensure that you have complied with all of the requirements of the checklist. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Part 1: Individual/Organisation Profile
(In case of organization)
In case of Individual (Profile)
Please provide detailed pre-program background of the situation. What social issue(s) or problem(s) does the program seek to address?
What inspired their approach? Explain the development and design of the program.
Enumerate the program’s general goals and measurable objectives. Include specific measures, baselines, targets and date.
Who are the program’s target beneficiaries?