About the Founders:

Started by Niraj Gupta, Prashant Dwivediand Shailendra Yadav, our team has a very well balanced mix of business and technology. Junkart has built the tech from ground up so it can employ the existing ecosystem and solve the problem the stakeholders are facing – lack of visibility and coordination in recycling supply chain.

With two co-founders in technology – with a solid previous experience in building scalable products and one co-founder in operations with background in scrap management and strong hold on finances and operations, we understand both tech and this business very deeply

Niraj is an SRCC alumni while Prashant and Shailendra are computer engineers and have led technology teams to build multi million dollar products in their previous job.


The Problem:

For last several decades, there has been almost no progress in the way our recycling supply chain works. Whereas, our urban structures and lifestyle are nowhere similar to the decades old perception of India.

We now live in more constrained space and time schedule, we trust technology more than human beings,  we can summon almost everything – whenever we want and wherever we want. We are truly becoming a Just-In-Time society.

Unfortunately, as compared to our production and delivery systems, our disposal and destruction systems are not catching up fast enough and hence causing serious problems such as increasing global warming, landfills and a lot of other environmental threats.

There are problems at all levels of this disposal supply chain – right from collection to recycling/disposing units. We are unable to collect more than 85% of the recyclable items here in India itself because people are not aware that these items too can be recycled and even if they are, there is no easy way to send those items to recycling units. This forces people to throw away these materials with regular household waste, making the segregation process more difficult and hence, putting a toll on recycling efforts.

Therefore, a lot of our recycling units run with under supply of raw scrap materials, causing losses.

We hardly give any incentive for people and businesses to take interest in recycle their waste.
On societal and species level, we are annihilating our own ecosystem.


The Solution:

Junkart is an initiative to speed up our lagging disposal and destruction supply chain. By making people informed about the recyclable items they throw away every day and giving them an easy way to dispose and cash it.

There is already an withering ecosystem in place in India which used to be efficient at collecting and recycling the stuff discarded by commons. We are reconstructing it from ground up, backed with our solid technology to enable it to work with the urban challenges.
We have built Junkart’s app based model on our mobile technology infrastructure, which connects the recycling vendors with nearby sellers.


How It Works:

When a seller raises a new pickup request, it is forwarded to nearby vendor’s on their Junkart app, who can then accept it and visit the seller’s place at the scheduled time. Vendor then records the items bought by him on the Junkart app, which calculates the price and shows how much amount the vendor should pay to the seller. This amount then can be deducted digitally from the vendor’s account linked with Junkart app.

The transparent pricing and inventory management system helps the vendors keep an eye on their inventory and track profit. We are also building the technology to connect these vendors with large quantity traders and recycling units. The data acquired in process is highly useful for recycling units and urban planners and can help them make critical operational and strategic decisions.

Product Set:

Our growing product set includes a web platform (http://junkart.in)  for receiving and managing requests and dashboard for admins, a mobile app for sellers (on iOS App store as well as Google Play Store by the name of Junkart) and an app for vendors.

We have also built prototype of a smart recycling bin – Bob which can help authorities keep a tab on overflowing bins.


Since starting full time operations in September in South Delhi, we have grown to cover almost all of Delhi-NCR and are looking forward to setting up the network in Bengaluru also to start operations there. Other than this, we also frequently facilitate transactions in Mumbai and various parts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh too. Our network is 1000+ vendors strong.

A lot of organisations including restaurant chains, pathology testing lab brands, retail chains and malls and shopping centers are showing keen interest in availing our services. A few have signed up to avail the services too.


We are on the path to expanding to Bengaluru and Mumbai in coming months while continuously improving the quality of service in currently operational areas. We are also in talks with recycling units understanding their challenges and designing our improving our platform to serve them better. We are rapidly moving on our way to fix the reverse supply chain.

We are also working on creating suits for sewage workers and trying to help municipalities manage city garbage more efficiently.