If you have a unique solution and policy for implementation to achieve the goals for the following social relations and then you may become one of the participants in our “Janhit Jagran”:


Janhit objective –

  • Along with providing co-operation in making the society educated, make people vigilant in all the areas. Especially vigilant against social evils.

Janhit aim –

  • To build democratic citizenship values, responsible nationalism and characteristic culture in children.
  • To ensure maximum attendance of children in schools up to higher secondary level.
  • To improve the skill of teachers and provide them advanced training.


Janhit objective –

  • Along with providing co-operation in making the society healthy, to make people aware of the new inventions in the field of health all over the world.

Janhit aim –

  • To make available better health facilities to those who are deprived of left out of health amenities.
  • To initiate protective steps for the prevention of infectious and bacterial diseases.


Janhit objective –

  • To provide co-operation in preservation of environment and also to persuade people to protect the environment. To make them understand the importance of environmental protection and make aware of the challenges they may face.

Janhit aim –

  • To ensure/develop social participation for preservation of land and reducing water and air pollution.


Janhit objective –

  • To persuade people for preservation of water while participating in water preservation. To make them understand the importance of water and make aware of the likely challenges in water preservation.

Janhit aim –

  • To prepare low cost and accessible alternative for recharging of groundwater and for water accumulation.
  • To ensure social awareness and participation in reducing water consumption in a practical way.


Janhit objective –

  • To propagate awareness among people for proper utilization of human resources.

Janhit aim –

  • To provide training in games, arts, handicrafts, entertainment and in hereditary and non hereditary modes and to create employment.


Janhit objective –

  • To persuade people in the direction of poverty alleviation. To create awareness among people by providing newer information in the fields of employment and business.

Janhit aim –

  • To uplift the deprived category financially, socially and psychologically.


Janhit objective –

  • To persuade women and men for uplifting of women in the society. To propagate awareness among women so that they can emerge powerful in each field.

Janhit aim –

  • To be a participant in making women aware and capable towards education, health and production resources.
  • To make the status of women strong in the family and society through family welfare schemes and financial self support.

Optional aim: Apart from the given aims for ensuring/defined social relations, if there is any optional aim for the uplifting of any special area or section of society, you can make a project or scheme for achieving the same and take part in “Janhit Jagran” drive.

For implementation of the selected scheme for Janhit Jagaran an amount of Rs. 10 lakh will be paid under the administrative supervision of Jagaran Pahal based on constant evaluation. If there is no proper progress during the first year, the remaining financial assistance can be stopped.   


Who can participate?

Group of people or organization who have schemes for the solution and implementation of the defined social problems.

  • Avail entry form from the office of Dainik Jagran or download from website.
  • Give correct details for the questions asked in the entry form.
  • You can also deposit more than one entry form on the given social relations.

Send your entry form and attached scheme to the address given below:

Mr. Shrish Dikshit, Janhit Jagran Office, Strategy and Brand Development, Jagran Prakashan Limited, 50, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase-III, New Delhi-110020 

Helpline (helpline for any query on participation)

Contact the following for participating, filling up entry form or for financial advice for your enrolment:Call: +91-8250380353 (You can call between 10 am to 7 pm)


Definition, challenges and solutions for the seven relations of Dainik Jagran: For this you may view the Opinion page facing the editorial page.